Preparing for your first job

We are so excited for you to experience your first Umbrella job! Here are some answers to common questions.

Remind me, what does “Umbrella Neighbor” mean?
Umbrella Neighbors are what we call the people who work through us. All Umbrella Neighbors are triple-vetted. They complete a national background check, provide 3 references and interview with an Umbrella HQ team member. We accept less than 10% of Umbrella Neighbor applicants - and constantly collect feedback from Members on the performance of Neighbors we do bring on.

Is there a minimum job length? How much will I be charged?
The clock starts when the Umbrella Neighbor rings your doorbell. There is a 1-hour minimum for jobs done by Umbrella Neighbors, except for house cleaning, where there is a 2-hour minimum. After that, we charge in 15 minute increments. All jobs are $20/hr + tax.

I like things done a particular way, can I direct the Umbrella Neighbor?
Yes, of course - always feel free to tell Umbrella Neighbors how you want things done. This is your service and we want you to get things done the way you like them done!

How does payment work? Do I pay the Umbrella Neighbor directly?
Nope, you should never pay the Umbrella Neighbor directly and you do not need to worry about having cash on hand. We charge your credit card for jobs directly after the job is completed. Be sure to review the charge when you sign off on the Umbrella Neighbor’s phone. Charges will appear as “Umbrella” on your credit card statement and you will also receive a receipt via email.

Can Umbrella Neighbors purchase supplies on my behalf?
Yes, if you’d like, Umbrella Neighbors can purchase or provide supplies for you and then submit an expense for reimbursement through our app. 
Your credit card will be charged for both the supplies, as well as the Umbrella Neighbor’s time spent shopping (if applicable).

My Umbrella Neighbor did an excellent job, can I tip them?
You are always welcome to tip Umbrella Neighbors, though it is neither expected nor required. You can leave tips directly through the app when you sign off or tip in cash - whatever is easiest for you.

What if I want the Umbrella Neighbor to do an additional job for me?
Always let Umbrella know about a new job. We can only provide the Happiness Guarantee, if we know about tasks in advance. Email, text, or call us if you want an Umbrella Neighbor to do a job other than what you originally booked. We can make sure you’re both covered!

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
We ask that you please provide at least 24 hours advanced notice. Otherwise you will be charged for one hour per person scheduled, out of respect for the Umbrella Neighbor’s time.

I love the Umbrella Neighbor who came - how can I request them again?
That’s great news! You can schedule a follow up job directly with the Umbrella Neighbor through their Umbrella app. You can also call, text or email us at Umbrella HQ and let us know you’d like to have a specific person come back.

How do I give feedback on my Umbrella Neighbor and job?
After each job, you’ll receive an email where you can rate and leave a review of your experience. If not, someone from Umbrella HQ will likely be in touch once your task is complete to collect feedback on how it went. That said, if you have a question or issue you would like to address sooner, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Still have questions? Call us at (516) 882-4498 or email us at