Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Umbrella Neighbors do?

Our skilled Umbrella Neighbors take care of the small things in and around the home – switching out light fixtures, moving boxes, painting fences, installing air conditioners, raking leaves, housecleaning, and more. We can do most plumbing and electric jobs but when a third-party specialist is required, we'll help your loved one find a qualified, vetted person at a fair price. Meet a few Umbrella Neighbors here.

What jobs don’t you do?

Umbrella is not a home health service- our Umbrella Neighbors don’t do any tasks that involve personal care. We focus on home maintenance tasks and chores so that your loved ones can live independently in their home.

How do you screen Umbrella Neighbors?

Every Umbrella Neighbor has gone through an interview, background check, and multiple reference checks – we accept fewer than 10% of applicants. We also ask for a review after every task completed through Umbrella. 

What is the Umbrella Happiness Guarantee? 

We want your family members to love using Umbrella. To learn more about the Umbrella Happiness Guarantee, visit this page.

What kind of work quality can I expect from Umbrella Neighbors? 

Our Umbrella Neighbors are not licensed specialists (although they may have been in a previous life). They're not professional contractors. But they've done the job you've requested before, and they know how to do it well. Think of it like your skilled neighbor.

How does the hourly fee work? When do you start charging? 

The clock starts when the doorbell rings, and there is a one hour minimum for most jobs (the Umbrella Neighbor took the time to get there, after all). For house cleaning, there is a two hour minimum. After that, we charge in 15 minute increments. All jobs completed by an Umbrella Neighbor are $20/hour + tax.

How do you collect payment for tasks?

All jobs booked through Umbrella are charged to the credit card we have on file, so you never have to worry about having cash on hand. Receipts are automatically emailed once the card has been charged. Different Members set up their accounts differently – we can work with you to set things up the way you’d like.