Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Umbrella membership cost?

Our membership is based on the type of home you live in. We have designed Umbrella to be as affordable to as many people as possible, while still supporting the thorough vetting of Handy Neighbors, our office costs, and our first-class customer service. Contact us to get a specific quote for your household.


What jobs do you not do?

Umbrella is not a home health service. We do not do any medical tasks or personal care. Our Handy Neighbors also do not work on roofs, perform outside work on second stories or higher, or do any other tasks that might be dangerous for them. 

We also do not do large or dangerous jobs that are a better fit for a licensed professional. We do however help you find the right person at a fair, often discounted, price.


How do you screen Umbrella Handy Neighbors?

Every Umbrella Handy Neighbor has gone through an interview, background check, and multiple reference checks. We also continuously survey our members about their experience with our Handy Neighbors to make ensure customer satisfaction. You can read more about Trust & Safety at Umbrella here.


What is the Umbrella Happiness Pledge?

We want you to love using Umbrella. We have created the Happiness Pledge, to ensure that your experience is as positive as possible. If for some reason something goes wrong, we will work to make it right.


How does the hourly fee work? When do you start charging?

The clock starts when the doorbell rings, and there is a one hour minimum (the Handy Neighbor took the time to get there, after all). After the first hour, we charge in 15 minute increments. All tasks are a flat $16/hr, unless otherwise stated at time of booking.


Why does the membership price depend on the size of my house?

As one of our members likes to say, "The more house you have, the more things there are to do!”