Seniors Helping Seniors

Everyday tasks for seniors, by seniors

Umbrella helps seniors stay and live in their own homes by connecting them with fellow seniors to help with everyday home chores and maintenance. 

Seniors for seniors. Umbrella Handy Neighbors are often recent retirees who want to help out their neighbors. We carefully screen, reference-check, and provide liability insurance for all Handy Neighbors.

Affordable. Umbrella charges an annual membership based on your household, plus a low hourly rate.

One place for all your tasks, fewer things to worry about Use Umbrella for all of your home tasks, including cleaning, transportation, gardening, cooking, pet care, and more. For larger jobs, we’ll find you a trusted vendor, often at a 20%+ discount. 

Senior man in garden
Retired woman aging in place

Handyman for seniors

Handy tasks like...

  • Carpentry

  • Changing light bulbs and light fixtures

  • Fixing leaky faucets

  • Assembling furniture

  • Cleaning gutters (first story only)

  • Hanging picture frames

  • Painting interiors

  • Installing grab bars

  • Installing and removing air conditioners  

  • Unclogging drains

Seasonal tasks like...

  • Gardening

  • Raking leaves

  • Snowblowing

Other chores like…

  • House cleaning
  • Home organization

  • Grocery shopping

  • Pet care

  • Snow shoveling

  • Window washing  

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How it works

Members pay an annual fee based on their income. The average fee is less than a cup of coffee a day.

Book Umbrella Handy Neighbors for a low hourly rate The Umbrella Handy Neighbor keeps most of the money, and Umbrella uses the remaining amount to keep you safe (paying for background checks, worker reviews, our Happiness Pledge, and scheduling.)

Trusted Service Providers. Umbrella does not do larger jobs like re-roofing or extensive plumbing. But we’ll help you find a trusted professional, often negotiating a discount on your behalf.

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