How Members Use Umbrella

Relief and Peace of Mind

“Umbrella has given us a way to move forward. It has made such a remarkable difference in my life.”

Rosemary R, 67, Valley Stream

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Mary B., 73, Lynbrook

Mary B.’s Umbrella Task List

Snow blowing - I’m paired with Tom each winter, he’s fabulous.

Garage clean-up - I had been avoiding doing this for so long. I’m so glad I had someone to guide me through this process.

Fence painting - The minor touch ups made such a difference in the overall appearance of my lawn.

iPhone set up session - now I know how to text pictures to friends and family!

Susan R., 82, Malverne

Susan R.’s Umbrella Task List

Party set up - Umbrella made hosting my annual 4th of July barbecue so easy — I was able to really enjoy the party!

Mounting window blinds - I smile to myself with relief every time I look at my beautiful new blinds. I had been putting off changing them for so long because I didn’t know who to call to install them.

Lawn mowing - I have the same Neighbor come each week. We drink ice tea together. It’s lovely.

Frank T., 75, Massapequa

Frank T.’s Umbrella Task List

Bathroom renovation - This year I decided it was finally time to renovate my bathroom. Umbrella helped me find a licensed third-party specialist for that which made it very easy.

Bedroom painting - When I wanted to get by bedroom painted Umbrella provided me with a list of people they’ve worked with who gave discounts.

House cleaning - I have a Neighbor come every two weeks to make sure my house stays clean and tidy.

Barbara T., 69, Uniondale

Barbara T.’s Umbrella Task List

Fall maintenance - Leaf raking, gutters, painting touch ups - all the little things I need to keep my house in good shape.

Transportation - I’ve gotten rides to the hair salon and airport.

Errands - I have had Neighbors pick up groceries for me, get my dry cleaning, it all depends on how I’m feeling that day.

“What struck me about the Neighbor was that he was definitely a homeowner. 
He knew his stuff.”

Mary B., Member from Lynbrook

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