Seniors Helping Seniors

How Umbrella works

1. Umbrella members pay an annual or monthly membership, based on their income. Members then get access to Umbrella's full services.

2. Call or email us with anything you need. Boxes to move? Leaky faucet? Try us.

3. We send a trusted Umbrella Handy Neighbor at a flat hourly rate, or find a fair, vetted referral for a larger job (general contracting, extensive plumbing, etc). 

Sometimes we can solve your problem over the phone or via email.

4. We call to make sure everything went right, backing our work with the Umbrella Happiness Pledge.


Umbrella is for people age 60 or older, or those with disability

Through November 1st, your first two tasks free! 

Currently serving parts of Brooklyn and Nassau County

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Larger job? We've got you covered too. Umbrella does not do larger jobs like re-roofing or extensive plumbing. But we’ll help you find a trusted professional, often negotiating a discount on your behalf.

Take the burden off your family, and get help with all the little things that need to get done around the house.

The umbrella promise

Annual Membership Based On Income

Membership fees are income based so that we can support a broad base of seniors.

Workers You Can Trust

Umbrella Handy Neighbors are often recent retirees. They’re former teachers, firefighters, and other members of the community. We do background checks and references for every Handy Neighbor and collect reviews on their work.

What We Don’t Do

Umbrella is not a home health service. We do not do any medical tasks or personal care. Our Handy Neighbors also do not work on roofs or perform outside work on second stories or higher.