Neighbor Manual

Booking a Job

There are 3 easy steps to booking a job:

  1. Accept the job in the app to get the Member’s contact information
  2. Call the Member to find a time that works for you both
  3. Schedule the agreed upon time in the app

You may not reach the Member on your first try - that’s okay! Just leave a voicemail and follow up later that day or the following day if you haven’t heard from them. If after a few attempts you are really stuck, you can alert Umbrella by clicking “I can’t get in touch with Member” and we’ll jump in to help.

Follow-up Jobs

Follow-up jobs

If you and the Member would like to schedule an additional appointment, fantastic! You can enter the next date and time right in your app.

Always record the new job in the app

Our Happiness Guarantee only protects our Members and Neighbors for jobs that we know are happening.

Job Changes & Cancellations

We get it, things come up. We have a few procedures and policies in place to make Umbrella a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved, even when changes happen.

If you must cancel or change your appointment time:

  • Call the Member to let them know as soon as possible (minimum of 24 hours notice)
  • Find another time that works for both you and the Member
  • Update the appointment time on the job in your app

If it is close to the appointment time (within 24 hours), let Umbrella know too!

More than 3 cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will result in removal from the Umbrella platform

Out of respect for everyone’s time, we have a three-strike policy (unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances). Similarly, Members who cancel within 24 hours of their appointment will be charged the minimum one hour, which will go directly to you. We want to be respectful of your time too!

A no-call, no-show results in immediate removal from the Umbrella platform.

Above all, be sure to keep everyone in the loop! Let the Member, and Umbrella, know when changes happen. Stay in contact: Our seniors plan their whole day, sometimes their whole week, around these appointments. It can be very stressful for them when people don’t show up or make last minute changes without clear communication.

Completing a Job

When on the job, do the following to ensure your hours (and payment!) are properly recorded:

  1. Record the start and end time in the app, when the work is completed
  2. Add any expenses (with receipts)
  3. Hand the phone to the Member to review the charge, tip and sign

You’re all set! After the job is charged, you can add any job photos and create follow up appointments.


All jobs pay $16 per hour.

You are welcome to donate part, or all, of the $16 on a per-job basis or for every job. The money will go to an Umbrella Member in need. This option can be managed under settings in your app.

There is a one-hour minimum for all jobs, after that it will be rounded up to the nearest 15-minute increment. There is a two-hour job minimum for cleaning.

Members are charged $20 per hour for services, $4 of which Umbrella uses to cover administrative costs.

Payment is completed by direct deposit.

The transfer will be initiated immediately after you complete the job. It typically takes 3-4 business days to hit your account.

Be sure you and the Member agree on any and all reimbursement charges before they sign off.

Any one-time use items you purchased or supplied to complete the job can be reimbursed by the Member you are making purchases for. For example, if you supplied tape you keep on hand, you can charge a small fee that reflects the reasonable market rate.

Receipts are useful to avoid any disputes, but are not required for reimbursements under $20. If you have a receipt, submit a photo via the app and leave the hard copy with the Member.

Gas & travel

We do not provide reimbursement for either at this time. The job starts when you arrive at the Member’s home. However, we do our best to keep the jobs as local as possible and you are under no obligation to choose jobs that are further than you wish to travel.

Troubleshoot on the Job

What if the job is different than described?

It happens! On occasion, jobs are described one way and upon arrival or starting, they turn out to be much more in-depth projects. We never want you to do something you don’t feel comfortable or experienced doing. Contact Umbrella and we can work with the Member to find another Neighbor or licensed professional (if required) who can help.

What if the Member has to leave during the appointment?

Neighbors should never complete work at a Member’s home (even outdoors) when the Member is not home. It creates a liability for both the Member and Neighbor, so we simply don’t do it. If the Member has to leave before your work is complete, you should leave too. You can schedule a follow-up appointment together or the Member can contact Umbrella to find someone to finish the job.

What if the job isn’t safe?

Don’t do anything dangerous, your safety is most important. Umbrella Neighbors should never do anything over the second story on high ladders or on the roof. If you're in the middle of a job and something goes wrong, or you have safety concerns, contact Umbrella immediately! We're here to help.

What if the Member doesn’t have the correct supplies or materials?

There are a few options:

  1. Member purchases the supplies and provides them at a follow-up visit
  2. You can pick up the supplies during the job, if time allows
  3. You can pick up the supplies and complete the job at a later date that suits you both

If you spend time purchasing materials, you should always include that time when completing the job. You will be reimbursed for any supplies you pick up (see above).

Can I drive the Member to the store to get things or bring them to an appointment?

Unfortunately at this time, Neighbors cannot drive Members on errands or appointments. We hope to offer that in the future! If the Member needs transportation services, we have a ride service partnership with Uber so that we can book rides for them. If they would like you to accompany them, they can book you to do so in addition!

What if the job requires more than one person?

There are some multi-person jobs! Typically we try to determine this in advance, and our Jobs Coordinator will arrange for two Neighbors to assist. If you arrive at a job and it’s too difficult for one person, let Umbrella know. Do not try to complete the job or risk injury to do it on your own. Umbrella can arrange for two (or more) Neighbors to help another time.

Only Neighbors can help our Members. We’d love to work with your friends and family, but they must go through the vetting process before they can assist on Umbrella jobs. Have them apply at!

Troubleshoot in the App

We're always here to help

If you experience issues with the app, contact Umbrella by text (516-882-4498) or email ( When possible, please include the following:

  • A brief description of the problem
  • A screenshot of the issue

These details help us understand the problem you’re experiencing. Our team will help resolve the issue as quickly as possible!

What if I can’t reach the member or they’re not ready to schedule?

We recommend you reach out to the member 3x, with some time in between each. When you’re ready you can always schedule the job under My Jobs.

If they want you to reach out at a specific time to schedule, you can always set a reminder to follow up with the member on a specific date and the app will notify you.

Community Policy

We have a simple philosophy: all people in our community must be treated with respect and empathy in every interaction.

This means not treating others differently due to their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, or serious diseases.

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the Umbrella platform for violating this policy.