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Twenty two years ago Ron Byrne started the original Umbrella after his own mother, Betty, wanted to continue living in her own home. A group of friendly neighbors would come over to help out, making it easy for Betty to live as she pleased.

What Ron realized was that he could make it easier to age in place by connecting the many retirees who have incredible skills and want to give back to their communities. Ron’s organization has gone on to help thousands of older adults stay in their homes by making life a bit easier.

Sam Gerstenzang and Lindsay Ullman saw the same opportunity for their grandparents, and were inspired by what Ron had done in upstate New York, where Sam’s grandmother lived and was a customer. So Lindsay and Sam began working with Ron to bring the Umbrella idea to thousands more.

Sam and his grandpa Karl, in his workshop

Sam and his grandpa Karl, in his workshop

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