Bring Umbrella to your Nonprofit, Senior Community, or Congregation!

As pillars of your community, we understand that your organization is always looking for trusted solutions for the senior members that you serve. Whether it’s a workshop, fundraiser, or you just want to have information on hand about Umbrella - we’ve got you covered.

Ways to Partner with Us

Umbrella Workshops and Events

Want Umbrella to sponsor a workshop or event?

Fundraise with Us

We’ll partner with you to create an Umbrella fundraising campaign. We’re always happy to support a great cause like a mission trip, charitable cause, or your non-profit fund.

Bulk Memberships

If you’re a care provider, senior group, or simply have access to a number of interested seniors, we’d love to work with you to bring Umbrella to many members of your community at once.

Sharing Umbrella

Looking for us to send brochures or materials to keep around your office? We’d love to learn more about how you’re serving seniors in your community!

Contact Us About Becoming a Partner

If you’d like to have a conversation to explore ways to partner together, we’re happy to!

Our partnerships manager can help you with all of the above, and can be reached at (516) 882 - 4498 or