Tasks we do

Handywork and home maintenance

Skilled tasks around the home to keep you safe, and your house in good repair. 

  • Routine home repairs, like fixing the smoke alarm, replacing squeaky door hinges, and more.

  • Small painting jobs, including touch-ups of walls, furniture, doors, and moldings.

  • Simple electric repairs, including replacing light bulbs, light fixtures, door bells, and more.

  • Simple plumbing repair, including tightening, tweaking, and repair of leaky faucets, drains, valves, and caulking/grouting.

  • Carpentry, like replacement of unfinished wood, doors, shelves, drywall, moldings, cabinets.

Seasonal tasks

For any season, Umbrella can help you keep your home safe and well-maintained.

  • Gardening and weeding: With your direction we can plant, weed, trim, and prune.

  • Raking and collecting leaves

  • Gutter cleaning: We’ll remove leaves from first floor gutters.

  • Lawn mowing: You provide the mower, we provide the mowing.

  • Changing storm windows

  • Air conditioner installation and removal

  • Window washing

Help around the house

When you need an extra set of hands. We highly encourage our Members to participate in the task, providing guidance to get the job done the way you’d like.

  • Grocery Shopping: We’ll send an Umbrella Neighbor to the store with your shopping list.

  • Home organization: Help sort through your belongings to make space. Umbrella Neighbors can even take your things to GoodWill if you’d like!

  • Garage and Basement Cleaning: A strong pair of hands to move furniture, boxes, and everything in between.

  • Running errands: To pick up that extra thing you forgot at that store, grab those prescriptions from the pharmacy, or anything else you may need.

  • Meal Preparation: Need someone to chop up your veggies? Just want a baking buddy? Umbrella Neighbors are here.

  • Companionship: When you’d like an Umbrella Neighbor to stop by play cards or games, take a walk.


Our cleaners can follow your agenda or do our suggested cleaning. Our suggested cleaning includes cleaning the bedroom, living room, common areas, bathroom, and kitchen, doing all of the following tasks:

  • Dust all accessible surfaces.

  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures, stove, oven and fridge.

  • Clean all floor surfaces.

  • Take out garbage and recycling.

  • Wash and sanitize the toilet, shower, tub, and sink.

  • Empty sink and load up dishwasher with dirty dishes, or wash dishes.

Tech tutoring

Need help with your computer, tablet, or phone?

One of our Umbrella Neighbors will sit with you and help you learn how to check your email, view photos, use Facebook, and more. We do not do computer repair or network setups.

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