Seniors Helping Seniors

The Umbrella Story:

In 1995, Ron was struggling to keep his mother, Betty, in her home after a fall. A group of retired community members began pitching in – making it possible for Betty to stay in her home and allowing Ron to spend more quality time with his mother.

22 years later, the organization Ron started, the Umbrella of the Capital District of NY, helps 750 members stay in their homes. But it all started with three simple ideas:

1) Many older adults want to stay in their homes
2) Many retirees have incredible talent, want to keep working, and want to give back to their communities
3) Umbrella could make it easy for these two groups to come together

Sam and Lindsay saw the same opportunity for their grandparents, and were inspired by what Ron had done in upstate New York. Sam's grandmother was a customer of the original Umbrella, in fact. Lindsay's grandfather is the handiest person she knows. So Lindsay and Sam began working with Ron to bring the Umbrella idea to thousands more.


The Team Behind Umbrella

Sam and his grandpa Karl, in his workshop

Sam and his grandpa Karl, in his workshop




Ron, Advisor