Trust & Safety


Our Handy Neighbors – the secret sauce of Umbrella

Umbrella Handy Neighbors are often recent retirees. They’re former teachers, firefighters, business executives or artists. Others are community members who find that Umbrella fits into their lives as a way to earn extra income and give back. 

Our vetting process 

Before being allowed on Umbrella, Umbrella Handy Neighbors pass a three step check.

1. Interview by a trained Umbrella employee

2. Reference checks that cover a potential Handy Neighbor's history of doing similar jobs and working with seniors

3. Our background check covers the following:

  • Address history and Social Security Number validations
  • National level FBI and Department of Justice background checks
  • Sex offender records
  • Global watchlist check

Additionally, we call after completed jobs to make sure everything went well, including your feedback in our rating system.

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Umbrella Happiness Pledge and Service Guarantee.png

The Umbrella Guarantee 

We're here because we want to do good work. If we didn't care, we wouldn't be in this business – period. 

That's true of us at Umbrella HQ, and it's true of the Handy Neighbors who choose to work with us. 

But, sometimes things do go wrong, and when they do we want to make things right. Learn more about our Guarantee.