Seniors Helping Seniors

Work flexibly to help a senior stay in their home

Currently serving parts of Brooklyn and Nassau County

Why work on Umbrella

  • Work when you want, only doing jobs you want to do, with no minimum time commitment

  • Earn extra income while serving your community

Frequently asked questions

Who's the typical person who works on Umbrella?

Umbrella Handy Neighbors are often recent retirees. They’re former teachers, firefighters, business executives or artists: a huge spectrum of community members in a new phase of life. Not all of our Handy Neighbors are retirees, but the majority are. Others simply find that Umbrella fits in to their lives as a way to earn extra income and give back.

How much will I work?

It's completely up to you! Our Handy Neighbors have busy lives. Some work with Umbrella a few times a month, and some work a few times a week. You can turn down any job, or go away for a few months.

What kind of work can you do on Umbrella?

A lot! Tasks range from plumbing, to cooking, driving, and running errands. You can see a partial list on our application.

How much will I get paid?

Handy Neighbors set their own rates on Umbrella. The average today is $13. If you choose, you can also volunteer your time. Either way, you'll be helping a community member stay in their home.

Umbrella charges an additional $3 per hour which we use to we pay for coordination, your insurance, vetting costs, and payment processing.

What's the process?

1. Complete our brief application that will tell us when you're available, what skills you have, and what are you interested in doing

2. Phone call to tell you more about the program

3. Pass screening, reference, and background checks

4. We assign you your first match

Questions? Get in touch.