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Work with Umbrella

  • Meaningful work helping others: home repair, home help, errands, and other tasks to help seniors live at home affordably. Only do the types of jobs you'd like to do.
  • No set schedule, no boss, no time commitment: work only when you want.
  • Earn extra income while serving your community, or donate it back. Either way, you're helping a senior stay at home.

I enjoy helping people, and being able to do that through Umbrella is satisfying. You get to make someone happy and help them stay in their home!
— Faith G., Umbrella Neighbor, NY

How much do I get paid?


Customers are charged $16 per hour. We use $3 to cover costs like our Happiness Pledge, vetting, payment processing, and scheduling.

Umbrella Neighbors can get paid up to $13/hour. If you choose to make less than $13, we'll use the difference to fund discounted work for low-income seniors.

Who works on Umbrella?
Umbrella Neighbors are often recent retirees. They’re former teachers, firefighters, business executives or artists. Others are community members who find that Umbrella fits into their lives as a way to earn extra income and give back. 

How much will I work?
It's completely up to you! Our Neighbors have busy lives. Some work with Umbrella a few times a month, and some work a few times a week. You can turn down any job, or go away for a few months without any issues.

How do I work with Umbrella?
Fill out the application found here to get started.

What kind of work can I do on Umbrella?
A lot! See a partial list on this page. When you fill out the application, you'll indicate which tasks you have experience doing and are interesting in doing on Umbrella.

Do I have to pay taxes on income earned through Umbrella?

Yes. As an independent contractor, we do not withhold any of your income for taxes. We provide a summary of earnings for you to use in preparing your taxes. If you earn more than $20,000 and do more than 200 jobs, we will prepare a 1099-K form you and the IRS. Otherwise, it is up to you to self-report.